Amethyst PLT-2-DWG

Batch conversion utilities for AutoCAD files

Amethyst PLT-2-DWG is a powerful Windows program that enables you to quickly and easily batch convert PLT plotter files (HPGL) to AutoCAD DWG and DXF. All versions of AutoCAD from 9 to 2011 are supported. The program is stand-alone, and AutoCAD is not required.

HPGL is Hewlett-Packard's standardized Graphics Language. It is the primary printer control language used by Hewlett-Packard plotters, and later became a standard for almost all plotters. Typical HPGL files start with a few setup commands, followed by a long string of graphics commands.

Key features:

  • Batch convert PLT (HPGL) plotter files to DWG and DXF.
  • Support for all versions of AutoCAD from 9 to 2012.
  • Stand-alone utility - AutoCAD is NOT required.
  • Supports HPGL/2 instruction set.
  • Supports Polyline Encoding.
  • Select drawings individually or by folder.
  • “Drill down” to files in sub-folders.
  • Generates log files for drawing conversion.
  • Incorporates a text viewer for viewing and printing log files.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Includes drag and drop functionality.

Amethyst PLT-2-DWG